Morten Kyhnæb Gantzhorn

+45 2266 4288

I am Partner in KAR+CO. I work in our office based at the World Trade Centre at Ballerup. However, due to my background in Jutland, I work equally in East and West Denmark. I also solve tasks for businesses internationally.

Since 1992 I have worked in various departments of Human Resources, as a Human Resources Manager, Internal Leadership Consultant, an external consultant and as Director of one of Denmark’s largest providers of personal profiles.

A strong driving force for me is the desire to understand. Understand organisations, their vision, their strategy and daily operational challenges as well as the people who will make it all successful. I’ve found that relatively simple tools can help executives and employees see a clear picture, paving the way for new solutions.

The tools include Everything DiSC® profile that I have used in many different contexts since the early 90’s. As well as the Core Quadrant® which I, in close collaboration with Daniel Ofman, have been allowed to immerse myself in and see how it makes sense for so many people.

Developing people is based on open and honest feedback. The most important picture of “you” is not just what you’re doing, it’s also the picture of “you” that others have.

At KAR+CO, I deal with everything from headhunting and recruitment, leadership and team development as well as certification in, and help with the use of, our various HR tools.

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