Executive search & selection specialists

KAR+CO is a Danish consultancy with expertise within the fields of management recruitment services and organizational development. 

Search & selection specialists

KAR+CO are specialists in recruitment and development. We contribute with professional weight – supported by relevant tools and extensive experience.

Trusted partner by numerous businesses around Europe

Partnering with danish and nordic businesses

Experts in recruitment and organizational development processes

KAR+CO aid companies with recruitment services and organizational development with a focus on management levels and key personnel roles.

We are experts in finding and matching talented people with businesses – as well as developing organizations through market-leading tools and facilitation.

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We create value for our clients within three areas of expertise:
We are experts in executive search and selection, including finding key personnel with highly specialized competencies.
We help businesses create better results via organizational developlement of management and key personnel.

We offer certifications and facilitator training in various HR-tools, including Everything DiSC® and CoreQuadrant®.

Find the right people for your company

Executive Search & Selection

We help attract and assess candidates via quality assured processes and market-leading evaluation tools. We consider recruitment a strategic management task. 

Strengthen your leadership competencies

Developing managers and teams

We help management with designing results-driven development processes, focusing on both individual performance and team development.

Receive training in HR-Tools

HR-tools & certifications

We run certification processes in HR- og management tools, specifically designed for managers, key personnel, internal HR-employees and external consultants.