About KAR+CO

KAR+CO is a partner-based Danish consultancy company that believes in ‘good leadership’ as the cornerstone for promoting business progress.

Our approach to all activities we engage in is to first help define the result that you as a leader are being held accountable for. Based on that we establish the appropriate leadership behaviour and match it with the right competencies.

To watch a detailed explanation of the KAR model, click on the video below.

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recruitment tasks the past 12 months
+ 270
development processes the previous 12 months

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Portrætbillede af Partner, Betina Bay Frandsen

Betina Bay Frandsen

Portrætbillede af Partner, Christian Bonde

Christian Bonde

Portrætbillede af Partner, Susanne Gamrath

Susanne Gamrath

Portrætbillede af Partner, Morten Gantzhorn

Morten Gantzhorn

Portrætbillede af Partner, Christian Bramming

Christian Bramming

Portrætbillede af Partner, Kim Overgaard Schlichting

Kim Overgaard Schlichting

Portrætbillede af Partner, Frank Hallundbæk

Frank Hallundbæk

Portrætbillede af Partner, Christian Strøyberg

Christian Strøyberg

Portrætbillede af Seniorkonsulent, Jesper Bonnén
Senior Consultant

Jesper Bonnén

Senior Research Consultant

Maja Renbo

Research consultant

Linda Dybdal-Steffensen

Research consultant

Tobias Bonde