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The tools we offer are personality profiles and leadership tools that are geared towards your business reality and are especially suitable for leaders, key people, internal HR organisations and external consultants.

At KAR+CO we offer certification in 2 concepts, namely Everything DiSC® and the Core Quadrant®. We also offer training in Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® which is based on his best seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (5B).

Our ambition is to provide a thorough introduction to the theoretical background, while providing the participants with thorough training in practical application of the tools. We believe that we can give the participants good insights as they relate the concepts and tools to themselves. This will give the participants the confidence to facilitate processes in which concepts and tools are brought into play.

In addition, we offer you your own EPIC account for the distribution of Everything DiSC® and 5B profiles.

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Everything DiSC®

What is Everything DiSC®? At KAR+CO we believe it is an optimal tool for understanding your own and others’ personality and associated behaviour, supporting leaders and employees in becoming more effective at relating to each other and communicating.

At KAR+CO we are authorised Wiley Partners, which allows us to teach the various Everything DiSC® profiles as well as certify in the use of them. We have many years of practical experience in certification and have been involved in the Beta development of several of Wiley’s products. As consultants we use the profiles ourselves when working with our customers, giving us a comprehensive knowledge of the tool allowing us to bring processes together for our customer.

Knowledge and understanding of the Everything DiSC® model provides leaders, HR and consultants an optimal tool for understanding their own and others’ personality and behaviours. Thus providing a tool for improving relationships and identifying, matching, motivating, leading and developing.

Everything DiSC® is Danish validated and the content of the report is thus held against a Danish norm group. Everything DiSC® is currently used by HR professionals, leaders, coaches and consultants around the world.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® is a team development concept designed to create high performing teams. The concept is based on Patrick Lencioni’s bestseller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and his team development model.

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team® concept can help all types of teams, from production to the board of directors, to become more coherent and deliver better results.

At KAR+CO we are authorised partners, meaning we were involved early on in the process when Wiley and Patrick Lencioni developed a joint program based on Everything DiSC® personality profiles and Lencioni theories. We have extensive experience using this program for team development.

Core Quadrant® Concept

We are always curious to get new insights as how to inspire and support development. This curiosity has introduced us to the Core Quadrant® concept.

A concept, a mindset and a very concrete tool that we first became acquainted with in 2010. Subsequently, we have cultivated, explored and experimented with it, which has only sharpened our interest even further.

The Core Quadrant® concept and mindset has added a new dimension to our work with organisational and personal development. Since the certification, we have used the Core Quadrant as an integral part of our work – with great success!

Since 2012, we have expanded our relationship and cooperation with Daniel Ofman. This has brought us to the pinnacle of a partnership agreement, giving us the exclusive right to train and certify future trainers in Denmark.

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