Helle Kjærgaard Grüner

+45 3126 3300

My name is Helle Gruner, I’m the head of research at Kar+Co. Through thorough and systematic research I will be the one identifying the right person for any job. I have a cand.merc. in international business development from Syddansk Universitet. I have experience from several years working with sales and marketing in the certification business. From that I moved on to Syddansk Universitet where I coordinated EU-projects and facilitated business workshops.

This has given me a wide and diverse knowledge to different types of businesses and business fields, a knowledge I use to ensure the right match between candidate and company.

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My focus is to cooperate with the company and the consultant to find the correct candidates with the abilities, personality and behavior that match the job. This is done in close cooperation with the company leaders and I’m driven by creation development in businesses. Call me on +45 3126 3300 or send me an email at hkg@kar.co.com

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