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I am Partner and co-founder of KAR+CO. Throughout my work life, I have worked with the development of people, including leaders. I spent my first many work years as an officer in the Royal Danish Army and after completing an MSc., strategy and management, I’ve worked as a leadership consultant in several consultancy companies.

My focus is on identifying the current situation of the individual leader or company and help them navigate towards their goal. I see it as my obligation to challenge and participate using my experience, my knowledge and my personality, so that the leader can follow a development trail that is true to him/her and the company. Conversation is my most important tool.

I believe that all change begins with awareness and recognition. Recognising that something could be better, more enjoyable or more effective. The recognition is the starting point for learning, and learning is the means to improve and achieve new goals. This process rarely drives itself, it needs to be facilitated, and this is done most effectively with external, neutral help. Helping managers with this process is my passion.

I stay mentally “fit” through my work as an external examiner on Business Diploma, BSc., MSc. and MBA/MPA studies at Danish business schools and universities.

My primary focus areas at KAR+CO are: Development of leadership, leaders and leadership teams on all four levels we work on.

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