Daniel Ofman and The Core Quadrant

KAR+CO has been Daniel Ofman’s only Danish partner since 2012. We are very proud of this tool for moving people.


Daniel Ofman says, that you can spend 10 minutes explaining it and the rest of your life working with it. We have briefly described the essence of the Core Quadrant®.

Core Quadrant® originates from what Daniel Ofman calls core qualities. A core quality is characterised by properties that we all have. Properties that are so integrated that they are part of our core. Our core qualities are often characterised by being the property that our immediate neighbour connects us with. Our core qualities are often those that we take for granted and are a natural part of our being.

The core quality’s “shadow side” is called its pitfall. As we exaggerate our core quality, it can turn to become a pitfall. A person’s pitfall is the result of a strength becoming a weakness. Alongside a pitfall, we often find a challenge too. A challenge is the quality that represents the diametrical opposition of the pitfall: the positive contrast. Our core quality and our challenge complement each other. Finding the balance between our natural core qualities and the associated challenges can be difficult. These will feel like opposites but learning to think in “and” instead of “either” will enable you to create great value for the individual. We also avoid falling into our pitfall.

Our allergy makes up a large part of our challenge. We can even get a reaction when we meet people who present too much of our challenge. So, our allergy is an act that happens when we encounter others we just cannot stand. When we act against such a person, we are more likely to expose our pitfall. That is, a person whose core quality is determination can risk becoming pushy in his pitfall. The pitfall’s challenge in this case will be patience to which the person’s allergy will be inaction.


The Core Quadrant is typically used in leadership development, team development, coaching and personal development.

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