Core Principle

KAR+CO is a partner-based Danish consultancy company that believes in good leadership as the cornerstone for promoting business progress.

Our approach to all activities we engage in is to first help define the result that you as a leader are being held accountable for. Based on that we establish the appropriate leadership behaviour and match it with the right competencies.

To watch a detailed explanation of the KAR model, click on the video above.

Our Services

Our services focus on providing value for you and your business in three core areas:

1. We help you create the right team for your business, through recruitment of leaders and key position holders.
2. We help you set the right goals through strategic leadership.
3. We help you maintain progress and achieve your goals through leadership and organisational development.

Good Leadership Behaviour – get inspired

Good leaders evoke the best results.

They are good leaders because they manage to lead without carefully written instructions and they instinctively understand which leadership decisions are right for the company to achieve its desired results.

Like migratory birds who instinctively understand that it is the effort and the long hard haul with obstacles on the way that ensure they reach the destination.

Be inspired to lead your business with good leadership behaviour – it takes less than 1 minute – click on the video above.

Our Products

At KAR+CO, we work using a number of globally recognised concepts and tools that are particularly suitable for leadership, employee and team development. We have some of the most highly-skilled experts who provide added value for the companies we work with when using these concepts and tools.

We offer certification in Everything DiSC® from Wiley, The Core Quadrant® by Daniel Ofman and we offer training in Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” (5B).

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